Promomed Group’s Biokhimik and the Saint Petersburg State Chemical and Pharmaceutical University signed a memorandum on strategic partnership at SPIEF

Promomed 16 June 2022

On the first day of the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum, a memorandum of strategic partnership was signed between Biokhimik JSC (member of Promomed Group) and the Saint Petersburg State Chemical and Pharmaceutical University. The signing of this document marked the beginning of a series of agreements to be concluded at SPIEF.

The memorandum was signed in order to create a basis for partnerships and the development of long-term, effective and mutually beneficial cooperation in the field of training highly qualified personnel for the domestic pharmaceutical industry, staff training and joint research in the field of the creation of medicinal and biologically active pharmaceutical substances.

The document was signed by Dmitry Zemskov, Executive Director of Biokhimik JSC, and Igor Narkevich, Rector of the Saint Petersburg State Chemical and Pharmaceutical University.

«The signing of this agreement is another step towards the creation of the human resources pool and human capital for our company,» said Dmitry Zemskov, Executive Director of Biokhimik JSC. «It is very important for us to develop cooperation with leading Russian universities in the field of chemistry and pharmaceutical industry and train personnel based on knowledge of modern technologies. We will get specialists who are ready to work in modern conditions, on state-of-the-art equipment, with good fundamental knowledge of basic sciences including chemistry, processes and apparatuses.»

Igor Narkevich commented that cooperation with leading pharmaceutical companies in Russia is an important contribution to the development and quality of education at the university.

«We hope that as part of the implementation of the agreement, we will be able to provide our students with a modern practice base where they will have access to all modern technologies for the synthesis and development of antimicrobial dosage forms,» the Rector of SPCPU added. «We will be able to implement joint research and educational projects, as well as strengthen the personnel potential of the enterprise, develop ties with Mordovia and Saransk.»