Esperavir®️ by Promomed Group – a new drug in Russia for the treatment of coronavirus infection based on the molnupiravir molecule well-established on a global level

Promomed 03 February 2022

International protocols for the treatment of COVID-19 are now available in Russia thanks to a new drug for etiotropic therapy offered by Promomed Group. The medicinal product Esperavir® containing molnupiravir developed by the company using a unique technology, received a marketing authorization certificate on February 03, 2022.

The new product will add to the arsenal of doctors helping patients in hospitals, when it is important to defeat the virus as quickly as possible and prevent the development of complications. For the first time during the pandemic, doctors will have a choice of etiotropic therapy – favipiravir or molnupiravir. Both molecules act directly on the virus, inhibiting its replication in different ways, thus blocking the further spread of the virus in the body. Doctors will be able to select therapy for individual patients, taking into account their concomitant diseases.

«The peculiarity of the new coronavirus infection is its rapid progression. The virus leaves little room for medical errors. Thanks to the Russian researchers and developers, now a line of anti-COVID drugs is available for the national health care. Areplivir (favipiravir) has a decent evidence base and a wide experience of use, its efficacy has been studied in hundreds of thousands of patients throughout the country; Esperavir (molnupiravir) became available just recently in the country, but medicinal products based on this molecule are well studied. About ten clinical studies have been completed in different countries, including studies by Promomed Group in Russia, which one can safely rely on in medical practice,» commented Sergey Avdeev, Chief Pulmonologist of the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation, Corresponding Member of the Russian Academy of Sciences.

Esperavir®is a drug with original technology; it has passed all stages of clinical trials. It was fully studied in a multicenter clinical study that was conducted since December 2021 in sixteen medical institutions across the country, including Moscow, the Republic of Mordovia, Yaroslavl, Smolensk, Ryazan, Kirov, St. Petersburg, Ivanovo, Voronezh, and others.

The drug will be manufactured in 200 and 400 mg capsules at the Biokhimik plant (member of Promomed Group) using a full cycle process – from the production of an active pharmaceutical substance to a finished dosage form.

«Esperavir is an advance in the treatment of COVID-19. Promomed was among the first pharmaceutical companies in Russia that entered the fight against the pandemic and offered the first antiviral drug as early as mid-2020. However, we believe it is extremely important to have more tools in our arsenal to combat the virus. And today we bring Esperavir to doctors and patients, a drug that has unique antiviral targets and can reduce the risk of disease and patient hospitalization. Drugs based on the same molecule are available in America, Japan, and Europe. Our citizens should have access to the most modern therapy and as soon as possible,» said Petr Bely, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Promomed Group..

Esperavir®inhibits the replication of RNA viruses, it exerts the antiviral effect by introducing copy errors during viral RNA replication. Clinical studies demonstrated the benefits of Esperavir® in improving of the clinical status of patients, increasing the rate of recovery, reducing the risks of complications and disease worsening. As early as on the 5th day of treatment, more than 80% of patients achieved complete virus elimination, and more than 40% of patients, including those with risk factors for the development of complications of COVID-19, achieved complete recovery.