Promomed Group presented the principles of corporate social responsibility policy at the BIOTECHMED conference in Gelendzhik

Promomed 05 October 2021
Promomed Group presented the principles of corporate social responsibility policy as part of the business breakfast “Is corporate social responsibility an attribute of modern business?”, held on the second day of the BIOTECHMED conference in Gelendzhik.

Promomed Group builds a sustainable development program, including a corporate social responsibility section, based on the interests and expectations of the medical community, patients, as well as employees, their family members and all residents of the region of production. In this activity the company is guided by the UN Sustainable Development Goals: health and well-being; affordable education; decent work.

“We work for patients, work closely with the medical community, live in a society, so it is logical that the humanitarian and social activities of Promomed are targeted accordingly. Being a pharmaceutical company, developing modern medicines is a socially oriented business in itself, but the company is not limited to this,” said Ekaterina Kumanina, Director of Corporate Communications at Promomed Group.

Over the past year, the most prominent CSR programs of the group have been the following:

“Areplivir to doctors” – provision of medical specialists working in “red zones” with direct action antiviral products for free;

a system of educational, outreach and scientific activities aimed at combating obesity and restoring metabolism;

a set of programs in the Republic of Mordovia: the opening of a scientific and educational laboratory for the synthesis of active pharmaceutical substances at the Ogarev Mordovia State University, the launch of “industrial tourism” routes at the Biokhimik plant in Saransk, the organization of open lectures by leading scientists and experts for university students and anyone interested in science.

“We will continue to develop systemic activity, for us it is a long-term activity, integral with the future of the company,” Ekaterina Kumanina is convinced.