Promomed employees received national awards on the Day of Russian Science

Promomed 09 February 2023

At a ceremonial meeting on the occasion of the Day of Russian Science, which took place on February 8, 2023 in the House of Republic, two employees of Promomed Group received state awards from the hands of Artem Zdunov, the Head of the Republic of Mordovia.

In his speech, the head of the region congratulated scientists on their professional holiday and stressed that the republic is a real example for the whole country on the effective cooperation of science, business and production. Such cooperation is built between the Ogarev Mordovia State University and Promomed Group. This year, two new laboratories will be established for preclinical and clinical studies of pharmaceuticals and biotechnological developments.

Anisya Tyshchenko, a specialist in microbiological methods of analysis and biosynthesis of the department for the development of new technologies for pharmaceutical substances, was awarded the Certificate of Honor of the Republic of Mordovia for her great scientific contribution to the production of medicines and many years of conscientious work. In the company, she participates in projects for the development and production of antibiotics produced using full-cycle technology at the production site of Biokhimik JSC, which is of great importance for the national drug security. This project solves the problems of import substitution and reducing dependence on foreign drug manufacturers.

Ekaterina Levina, the head of the Biokhimik’s laboratory for the development of technologies and the transfer of pharmaceutical substances, was awarded the note of acknowledgement of the Government of the Republic of Mordovia for her great scientific contribution to the development of pharmaceutical industry. She developed full-cycle technologies for active pharmaceutical substances for drugs used in the treatment of viral and infectious diseases.

The executive director of Biokhimik JSC Dmitry Zemskov comments:

“By creating innovative drugs, Promomed Group deals with critical challenges, makes a significant contribution to medical science, practice and manufacturing. We are proud of the achievements of our company and team and we never stop. Each year, our employees receive national and regional awards. Last year alone, 83 awards have been added to the collection of our achievements.”