Promomed presented cases on the candidate pool formation to the Deputy Minister of Education of the Russian Federation

Promomed 23 January 2024

Representatives of Biokhimik JSC took part in the strategic session “Career guidance for schoolchildren: new areas of work, problems and ways to solve them”, which was held at the Ogarev Mordovia State University. The session participants discussed the specifics of the upcoming admission campaign and problems in career guidance for future students.

Opening the discussion, Tatyana Vasilyeva, Deputy Minister of Education of the Russian Federation, noted that it is necessary to form a preference for future vocational education already as early as at school time, to allow this choice to be informed, and most importantly, to let the school student understand how this choice will be implemented in the economy.

In their presentations on career guidance activities with schoolchildren and students, Dmitry Glushko, Rector of the Ogarev Mordovia State University, Elena Soldatova, Minister of Education of the Republic of Moldova, and Igor Gubaidullin, Minister of Industry, Science and New Technologies of the Republic of Moldova noted the successful experience of the Promomed Group in forming a candidate pool for the pharmaceutical industry.

Promomed implements a lifelong learning model. It begins at kindergartens, where preschoolers conduct their first simple experiments. The company equipped a training laboratory for these purposes. At school, starting from the 8th grade, a student can choose an additional program “Future Biochemist” to study mathematics, chemistry or biology in depth. Further, the graduate chooses to study in the field of vocational education on the basis of the Saransk College of Services and Industrial Technologies within the framework of the federal project “Specialist Degree” or at partner universities of the Company. To date, Promomed cooperates with the Ogarev Mordovia State University, the Mendeleev Russian State Technical University, the Faculty of Pharmacy of the Evdokimov Moscow State Medical University and the Lobachevsky National Research University. The company concludes contracts on employer-sponsored education with students and pays them a scholarship. This model of education serves as a pipeline of qualified specialists for the company.

Source: NTM TV channel