Doctors of the Samara region will be protected from coronavirus infection

Promomed 09 December 2020
On December 11, during the implementation of the All-Russian campaign Areplivir for Doctors, the delegation of the Promomed Group visited Samara, where it held a meeting with the Governor of the Samara region Dmitry Azarov, Minister of Health Armen Benyan and the heads of regional medical institutions. Samara has already become the fifth region where the company donated the newest drug for the treatment of doctors who work in the red zones.  

In total, Samara doctors will receive 1000 packages of medicine as part of the charity program. According to the chairman of the board of directors of the pharmaceutical company, Petr Bely, PROMOMED considers its priority to help doctors working in the red zones. «Doctors should have a stock of the direct antiviral drug Areplivir, so that they would be able to begin treatment immediately with the first symptoms of infection and return to work as soon as possible. For this purpose, the company transfers a batch of one thousand packages for free, which has already been delivered to the warehouses of the Ministry of Health of the Samara region,» said Petr Bely.  

The head of the region expressed gratitude for the company’s special attention to the Samara region and the care for the health of doctors. «I want to thank you for the help provided to protect our doctors,» Dmitry Azarov said, expressing hope for the development of cooperation with the pharmaceutical company. «If the experience of therapeutic use of the drug satisfies our colleagues, then we will develop our cooperation and order deliveries for the needs of the entire healthcare system of the Samara region.»  

According to the Minister of Health of the region Armen Benyan, the drug will be handed over, first of all, to the employees of the outpatient polyclinic and emergency medical services. «This is a drug that will be used in case a medical worker gets sick, so that he can start receiving etiotropic therapy sooner, recover faster and return to work to help residents of the Samara region,» the minister explained.

Armen Benyan also added that doctors of hospitals in the region will be told in more detail about Areplivir and the results of its practical application at special seminars. Earlier, on behalf of the head of the region, such training events for doctors began to be held on a regular basis, due to the improvement of treatment protocols for COVID-19 patients. «We receive guidelines from the Ministry of Health of Russia, which are regularly updated. This document contains more than two hundred pages and doctors do not always have the opportunity to quickly get acquainted with it. Therefore, we hold seminars, webinars, in which our leading specialists, infectious diseases specialists, pulmonologists tell in detail about new treatment algorithms to doctors who works hard anyway,» he said.  

In turn, according to Dmitry Pushkar, MD, Academician of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Professor, Honored Doctor of the Russian Federation, who took part in a working meeting with the Minister of Health of the Samara region, it is now possible to talk with good reason about the beginning of the formation of a traditional approach to the treatment of SARS-CoV-2 infection. «Until today, there was no such thing as traditional treatment for COVID-19. But now it is obvious to everyone that Areplivir copes with the virus better than other drugs. So if you start using the drug at the first symptoms of the disease, then you can reduce the entire risk of developing the disease to almost zero,» the academician concluded.