Russia 1 Morning of Russia TV program: Biokhimik plant participates in the national project Demography

Promomed 18 February 2022

The chief mechanical engineer of the pharmaceutical company Biokhimik JSC (member of Promomed Group) Alexander Artyushin has recently completed advanced training courses. He joined the plant in 1994 as a turner. During 27 years he served until getting a leadership position. While he was in office, both the staff and equipment were completely updated in the company. The new equipment requires special knowledge. But instead of going to retire, Alexander applied for corporate training courses.

«I decided to have training because the team is replenished with young personnel and I am getting older, but I would not like to be outdated as a specialist. Knowledge is always useful. During this training I gained an understanding of how to act and manage my subordinates,» said Alexander Artyushin, Chief Mechanical Engineer of the Biokhimik plant.

About 350 emplyees in the company aged 50+ years took the same advanced training courses as Alexander.

«We value our staff and this program of inclusiveness for employees of the older age group is aimed at ensuring that people better adapt to the modern environment,» said Dmitry Zemskov, Executive Director of Biokhimik JSC.

These projects have passed the All-Russian selection of the best practices for active longevity, which is being held for the second year as part of the Demography national project.