Gifts Help program to redirected funds for business souvenirs to charity

Promomed 24 January 2022

Promomed Group realizes the Gifts Help in the Republic of Mordovia in order to replace exchanging souvenirs with charity (alternative giving). On the eve of 2022, the company, as in previous years, used funds allocated for the purchase of New Year's business souvenirs for the purposes of charity.

This year, assistance was provided to orphanages and rehabilitation centers in the Republic of Mordovia: Insarskaya and Povodimovskaya boarding schools, Zubovo-Polyansky social rehabilitation center for minors, and Yalginsky orphanage. These institutions received furniture sets, household appliances and building materials worth several million rubles.

«It's a pleasure that the culture of exchanging useless gifts is gradually being eradicated from business practice. The principle of spending on good things and ending the year with good deeds finds more and more adherents now,» comments Dmitry Zemskov, Executive Director of Biokhimik JSC. «Our contribution to charity was made on behalf of the company and our partners, who received a postcard about participation in the Gifts Help charity event and a souvenir instead of new year calendars and alcohol. Regarding souvenirs, they also have a social component, because they are made by people with disabilities. It is in our power to make life a little easier for the most vulnerable groups, and we are doing this whenever possible. And our partners are happy to be involved in such activities.»

Promomed Group is implementing a comprehensive social responsibility program that will continue in the new year.