Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance

ESG is an approach that includes environmental care, social development and corporate governance.

Promomed Group is committed to ESG principles. The Company systematically makes efforts in the areas of environmental care, social development and improvement of corporate governance. Promomed is among the leaders of the pharmaceutical industry in terms of the depth of implementation of ESG principles and compliance with the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Taking care
of the environment
  • Sterile closed full-cycle production process of drugs, without contact with the external environment
  • Equipment of the highest ecological class for the synthesis of substances
  • Sanitary zone around the enterprise
  • Continuous monitoring of the composition of soil, air and water by independent laboratories
  • The largest employer and taxpayer in the Republic of Mordovia
  • Scientific and technical cooperation with secondary and higher educational institutions
  • Social stability and guarantees for employees and their families
  • Significant contribution to the development of the territory and local communities
  • Long-term strategy based on the principles of sustainable development
  • Corporate governance in accordance with the best international practices. Independent directors have the majority of votes in the Board of Directors.
  • Disclosure of information and transparency of business
  • Developed compliance practice