Biokhimik JSC of Promomed Group is a full-cycle production plant, from molecule to finished dosage form. The plant can manufacture the widest range of drugs.
Production facilities of the Biokhimik plant are located on 22 hectares in the city of Saransk, Republic of Mordovia. Five workshops of the enterprise are equipped with high-tech equipment. Biokhimik operates the largest research and development center (R&D hub). The plant produces drugs in ten dosage forms and manufactures pharmaceutical substances using biological, chemical, and RNA synthesis.

Biokhimik produces drugs used in such areas of medicine as infection control (antivirals and antibiotics), endocrinology, neurology, oncology, and general therapy. About 200 new drugs are under development.

Biokhimik JSC is the largest and one of the most attractive employers in the Republic of Mordovia.
Today, Biokhimik is one of the largest pharmaceutical enterprises in Russia, the basis of national drug supply security.
The company was founded in 1952 in accordance with the Decree of the USSR Council of Ministers on the construction of an antibiotic plant. In 2015, Biokhimik JSC was acquired by Promomed Group and was completely modernized and reconstructed since then. The construction of new workshops and the launch of new production lines continue.
Biokhimik JSC is the foundation for the manufacturing of medicinal products that meet the safety, quality and efficacy requirements.
Continuous improvement and enhancement of efficiency of the quality control system with regard to development, production, storage and sales of medicinal products, in accordance with modern international standards, is one of the key priorities of Biokhimik JSC.

Quality management system of the enterprise is certified against the requirements of GOST ISO 9001 (ISO 9001:2015).
The enterprise operates the largest Research & Development Hub a complex of research laboratories for the development of new drugs and finished dosage forms.
Total area of laboratories in the territory of Biokhimik JSC is 2 000 square meters. The center has all capabilities needed to:
— develop new medicinal products
— study and use biotechnology for pharmaceutical purposes
— quickly scale processes, which greatly accelerates the transfer of technologies to production and makes the adjustment stage and the stage of technical launch of a new drug product more efficient
— produce microbatches of medicinal products for preclinical studies.
Produced by
  • 117

    mln vials
    β-lactam antibiotics (powders)
  • 170

  • 425

    Tablets and capsules
  • 6

    mln tubes
    Soft dosage forms
  • 1

    million vials
    Freeze-dried vials / lyophilisates
  • 16

    Substances (APIs)