Skyvira®: Generation 2.0 Anti-Viral COVID-19 Treatment

Promomed 21 April 2022

Skyvira, a new drug combining nirmatrelvir and ritonavir for targeted etiotropic therapy for COVID-19 developed by Promomed Group using a unique technology, received marketing authorization certificate on April 21, 2022. Skyvira belongs to a new generation of drugs and attacks completely different targets that are specific to coronavirus. Clinical studies confirm highest efficacy of this therapy.

Skyvira®will expand the arsenal for doctors in the category of drugs for the treatment of patients with a new coronavirus infection on an outpatient basis. The drug is intended to prevent a complicated course of the disease and hospitalization, speed up recovery and minimize the severity of post-COVID syndrome.

«Clinical studies demonstrated a pronounced antiviral effect of the new drug for COVID-19, reducing the risk of disease progression to more severe forms and accelerating recovery. The targeted mechanism of action on the viral protease determines the success of treatment, regardless of SARS-CoV-2 variants. Today, Promomed’s Skyvira can be indicated for the outpatient treatment of mild or moderate coronavirus infection in adults,» said Vladimir Chulanov, Chief Non-Staff Specialist in Infectious Diseases of the Russian Ministry of Health, Deputy Director for Research and Innovative Development of the National Medical Research Center for Phthisiopulmonology and Infectious Diseases of the Russian Ministry of Health.

«Despite some calm period in the incidence of COVID-19, and the apparent retreat of the pandemic in our country, the medical community agrees that SARS-Cov-2 in one or another form will remain with us forever. The dominant strain «stealth-omicron» has practically equaled in symptoms with the usual ARVI; however, it has the highest severity of complications and post-COVID syndrome. Future pandemics may become even more dangerous, experts already predict «deltacron» and other modifications of the virus. This makes it necessary to have a wide range of medicines for etiotropic therapy to choose from. Each new drug in the Promomed’s antiviral portfolio provides an opportunity for a more personalized approach to treatment, taking into account comorbidities, drug interactions, duration of symptom manifestation, and so on, to make treatment more effective,» commented Kira Zaslavskaya, Director for New Products at Promomed Group.

Skyvira® is a combination of two active ingredients: nirmatrelvir and ritonavir. Nirmatrelvir is an inhibitor of viral protease – an enzyme that the virus needs at the stage of formation of whole particles for its reproduction. In other words, the new drug completely blocks the process of virus reproduction inside the cell. Ritonavir, acting as a pharmacokinetic enhancer, provides long-term maintenance of the required concentration of nirmatrelvir in the body and increases the effectiveness of therapy.

For the treatment of COVID-19 in adults, a daily dose of 600 mg nirmatrelvir + 200 mg ritonavir (1 tablet 2 times a day) is indicated with a course of treatment of 5 days. Treatment is recommended to start as soon as possible after the diagnosis of the new coronavirus infection and/or within 5 days after the onset of the first symptoms of the disease.